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I was born and raised in Paris, France, with a mom who was just that: a mom.  And what a blessing that was!  Mom took care of my three siblings and I and loved it.  One of the benefits of that was that we got to enjoy delicious home cooked meals every day of the week.

Mom went to the local farmer’s market three times a week, and whatever was needed in between came from the local butcher, fish store, fruit and veggie store, cheese store or bakery…  Now France may be known for its rich and often heavy dishes, but our daily fare was balanced and perfectly healthy.  Breakfast usually consisted of fresh fruit and a bowl of cereal, except for Sundays when we indulged in fresh croissant, with steaming hot cocoa and fresh squeezed orange juice.  Those were wonderful family meals that we relished.

Our schools offered daily hot meals so we ate decent meals there.  Some of those prepared lunches were tastier than others but they all included one protein choice, a starch, and fresh veggies and fruit.  Water was the only drink offered.

Dinner was always a family affair.  Dad came home at 8:00 p.m. and we always waited for him.  We had a snack when we got home form school so the wait was no big deal.  Dinners were always delicious, though mostly simple: meat or fish, lots of veggies, rice or potatoes and a green salad.  Yes we did have cheese, or a yogurt at the end of every meal and a piece of fruit for desert if we wanted to.  All our meals were super tasty and very satisfying.  I did not know at the time that they were also extremely healthy, well balanced meals, with lots of leafy greens and wonderful brain foods.

I started paying closer attention to what was on my plate in college.   My senior year, after an amazing three weeks trip to egypt, I decided to become a vegetarian, or rather a pescaterian as my daughter would say as I did continue to eat fish and seafood, though very infrequently. The slabs of meat in the cafeteria, sitting in their juice and fat were anything but appealing, and frankly probably quite devoid of any nutrition.

When you choose to eat a mostly plant based diet, you have to ensure your diet is balanced and you are getting adequate protein.  Thus began a life long fascination with nutrition and health.  I LOVE everything about food.  I especially love discovering new foods and experimenting with fun and tasty ways to bring super nutritious foods into my daily diet.

I’m now technically an omnivore, as I do eat meat here and there, but what truly gets me excited is a delicious salad with all sorts of yummy veggies, sprouts, seeds…. yum!  Time permitting, I love to juice and often indulge in fresh juiced greens  over the weekend when my life slows down a little.   And with the abundance of “superfoods” in local markets today, I am truly in heaven!


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